Burning Water,

Seeker's Union backstory

This post is to inform you of the status of the Seeker’s Union in Valderia.

1. Seeker’s Union is a newcomer to the lands of Valderia. How long have they been here? Less than 10 years.

2. Problems exist in getting the Union working here. For one, the proposed location for the Union Hall in the city of Levado was destroyed by fire a year ago. A new location has been chosen within the city, and building is slow. This fire also ravaged the working class quarter of the city, and rebuilding is slow there, also.

3. The Union Masters who’re overseeing the expansion aren’t pleased with these difficulties.

4. The Union wants to set up a group of contacts, and start earning income. That’s the pressure that the PC group is under.

That’s it for now.

The Broken Circle School

The Broken Circle School is a school of duelling, teaching bladework to those ‘worthy’ to learn it.

There are branches of this school throughout the Alliance territory, with the majority of these brances within the nation of Kaledron. Their membership is made up of experienced fighters, and they don’t really advertise their existence. This isn’t a secret organization, but they subject their potential members to a series of rigorous tests, some of which are secretive.

The name comes from their combat techniques. Incoming attacks are seen as “circles” and a successful defense is called “breaking the circle”. Attack and defense are are spontaneous, fluid, and deceptive.

The Fortress of Sighs

this will be the first adventure. When the characters meet, they’ll be given their first mission.
This will be to investigate a very old, odd fortress, which doesn’t look like it was built by the locals. There’s also a persistent rumor of ancient treasure within the ruins. Players are to recover that treasure, if one exists.

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