Welcome to the new Seeker’s Union campaign, Burning Water.

For those of you who’ll be playing, I’m using the home page to get you started, as to what’s going
on when the campaign starts. (I have no start date in mind, right now, we’re still getting rolling)

The Valderian Alliance has fallen on tough times. The lands that I previously referred to as Valderia aren’t a single nation, but an alliance of three: Kaledron, Restenya, and Seldyna. Kaledron is the central nation, and the largest, which is ruled by a King, who’s elected by a council. The King as of now is Stepanos Kullering, and has served for nearly 10 years.

The hard times I’ve referred to are this: there is a growing movement in which the people of these lands are questioning the need for the Alliance, since there hasn’t been an incident where military support is needed in a number of decades. So, the thought goes, why should we continue to support the Alliance, and pay tribute to them, if there isn’t anything to defend against?

Note: The Dominaran Invasion of about 10 years ago ended with a treaty agreement. Although the
Dominarans left a residual force, things are still quite peaceful within Valderia.

The Seeker’s Union is just getting a start here, so those of you in the Union know that there’s going to be a lot of work in setting up a workable guild hall here.

That’s it for now. I have to work, so off I go.

Burning Water,

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